Crossings and Wanderings is a travel account of two intrepid travellers who would rather take public transportation than be comfy in an air-conditioned tour bus; communicate to locals by hand gestures and broken phrases than be easily understood by a tour guide; and take a longer route to find the locals’ favourite jaunts than settle for convenient tourist traps.

 Some of their most memorable trips include drinking multiple rounds of Cambodian beer with their boatman  on a floating village somewhere in Tonlé Sap Lake, an hour away from the ancient temples of Angkor Wat; marvelling at the amount of gold in the countless temples of  Chiang Mai; tasting the best coffee of their lives on a cruise around Halong Bay; stayed silent for 21 days on a meditation retreat at a Thai Buddhist monastery in Koh Phangan (yes, the island has so much more to offer other than the maddening raves of the infamous Full Moon Party); cycled around the art island of Naoshima, Japan and was confounded over a sensory deprivation pitch black art installation; summited Mt. Apo – the highest peak of the Philippines – after being lost in the middle of the jungle but still kept with the long midnight slog not for anything else but sheer tenacity and stubbornness; and were blown away at the spectacular beauty of their very own country after doing multiple road trips around Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (which happened only after they backpacked Southeast Asia and heard much exclamations from their fellow travellers about the Philippines – which truly was a shame but they have now fully made amends).

 This duo consider themselves peregrinos (pilgrims) and are working their way around the world. They created this site to serve as repository of their travel memories with hope that this will also somehow serve as inspiration or a simple information resource for those who will travel the same paths they did.

Here wishing you buen camino!



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