Mindful Travel


I urge you to travel. To go far and wide. To explore and discover not only your whereabouts, but also you own bearings. Go, not simply to see and tick off your list, but to be fully present where you are. To immerse and soak it all up; taste, smell and touch.

You are simply passing through, yes; but while you are there, reach out. Step out of your inauthenticity, leave your ego behind. You don’t have to prove anything to show others what you are about.

Encounter another without pretense, look them in eyes and really see them for who they are; not as the color of their skin, the clothes on their back, or their stature in life. They are like you, pilgrims of life with stories to tell and lessons to share. To be shown a glimpse of the truths they hold is both a privilege and a gift. So, get out there and allow the encounter to happen and unfold. Seek out the unknown with your senses and heart open, and be prepared to come out of it sublimely transformed.


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